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Janet gets involved in a new "side project"! 7th Victim is what happens when Rodney Anonymous (of the Dead Milkmen) writes dark electronic music with even darker lyrics and Janet sings them.    

Sylvia is back at Fest! 2 sets at the 56th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival!

The new EP "Diamonds, Moon and Mean Tambourine"  to be released soon!

Sylvia Platypus is featured again ( ) and again on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

It was SRO at our PFS "Guerilla Showcase" at NERFA15! Thank-you to all the organizers and attendees who made the experience so memorable!

Bound for NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance)! Sylvia Platypus to perform at the Philadelphia Folksong Society/Philly Music Co-op "Guerilla Showcase"  

Sylvia Platypus lands a second, full-length set at the 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival! 

 Sylvia Platypus to make their Folk Fest debut at the 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival!   

Come out to our next show and meet SP drummer #6!  Quirky Tom Theurer!  Sixth time's charm?!?!?

Sylvia Platypus is in regular rotation on Banba Radio -streaming live every Friday  from Strabane, Ireland   

FACES racks up another best feature win-!

FACES wins Best Soundtrack as well as Best Actor and the Audience Choice Award at 2015 NY Horror Show/Macabre Faire Film Festival!

New indie film "FACES", is nominated for Best Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor... and Best Soundtrack by the 2015 NY Horror Show/Macabre Faire Film Festival! Two Sylvia Platypus songs, "The Seagull (An Faoileag)" and "Hush, Now", are featured prominently in the soundtrack

Bill Barone returns to Germany for  whirlwind "Wallenstein Re-union Mini-Tour"  SOLD OUT!


"Last Hurrah" the new album by Sylvia Platypus is available now at cdbaby, iTunes, etc., and at live shows

Sylvia Platypus is featured on Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast: