Sylvia Platypus

by Sylvia Platypus

Released 2011
Released 2011
"Psycho-celtic glam-blues"
Artist, songwriter, visionary and wearer-of-many-hats Janet Bressler fronts her latest group, Sylvia Platypus- Philadelphia's (and possibly the world's) only psycho-celtic glam blues band. With distinctive vocals, soulful lead guitar, a kick-ass rhythm section and the inventive usage of highland and uilleann pipes and tin whistles Sylvia Platypus creates a memorable musical experience. If Edith Piaf partied with the Yardbirds on a windswept moor, it might sound something like this.
On this 6 song EP the band introduces its wide range of styles and influences- from take-no-prisoners rock'n'roll, to traditionals, to meditative musings, to rousing reels. Want to hear more?


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