The Loneliness of the Long-time Indie Artist

So many executive decisions in a dictatorship-parading-as-democracy band structure! What's a girl to do? The suggestion box is open.

Before independent artistry became a "thing", you'd hear a lot about "creative control"-  Creative control is what labels held, and what recording artists wanted more of. Well, independents have all the control over their work... However,   the sound of one hand clapping or a tree falling in the forest can be the by-product. 

Over the course of the past couple weeks, we got rhythm tracks and guitars for 5 of the songs for our new "album". (Or will it be another EP?) We've recorded lead and backing vocals for 3 of them. No bagpipes or dulcimer yet. That'll come later.

Jon, our engineer, is throwing all his skill and care into the project - even surprising us with a B3 part for "Dead City"  that he laid down on his own initiative! It sounds really cool, but Sylvia Platypus doesn't have a keyboard player, so it probably won't make it to the finished mix- sorry, Jon- but thank-you!

If I could I would share the full sensory experience in the hopes of achieving greater understanding  amongst our listeners for what we do. Since the most appropriate device for capturing everything about the process hasn't been invented yet, the music- when it's finished- and some pics and maybe some smartphone video will have to suffice to convey the story. For now, try to envision a little house with two cats and two dogs and above that, a tiny attic,  (Watch your head! Ouch!) crammed to the rafters with recording equipment and musical instruments.  Add the various configurations of seven musicians plus pumpkin spice coffee, Jack Daniels, soft pretzels and chocolate.

I don't want to have to say, "You had to be there!"





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