Last Show (Not!)

The thought came to me when we debuted our rock opera, "Le Mirage/Dead City Philly", at the Rotunda. Frank Bellina was at the mixing board. I stood in a spotlight (wow!), in front of a full (-ish) house, the band behind me.  The haunting sound of Charlie's English horn trailed off.  Bill fingerpicked the delicate acoustic guitar intro to "Final Testament", and I began to sing. I could hear myself- coming through - the way I believe I sound. And my mind went, "Janet, if this is the last time you ever get on stage, it was all worth it."

Since then,  we've played a lot more shows. And when I have that "last show" feeling, (which I now try to consciously summon as part of my "warm-up exercises"), it appears for various real (as opposed to imaginary) reasons that this may very well be the last show.

Such was the case 2 weeks ago. It seemed extremely likely that it could be our last show (at Fergie's Pub, anyway). The previous gig there, I'd been struck by the thought that I'd been playing at Fergie's with various line-ups since 1999!

But, Jan 18, 2014 turned out to be our best Fergie's show ever! Besides the fact that the place was packed, a group of guys who'd seen us only once back in November, showed up and requested "Too Mean to Die" by name.  We'd already played it, but of course we obliged and played it again- for them! Several people asked if they could sing. Bill accommodated by providing accompaniment. They called 'em and he played 'em- even if he'd never played those particular songs before. Good times!

It was supposed to be "Burns Night", but the focus somehow drifted away from celebration of Scotland's favorite son. (Next year we'll do a true Burns Supper with all the proper traditions!)

That evening I met two individuals who could alter the course of the Sylvia Platypus future.  I had always hoped? dreamed? I'd meet people just like them.  

The first one is sean-nós singer Patricia Foltz. She graced us with some lovely Scottish folksongs in her sweet soprano. I found out later that she is also a clothing and hat designer! She's created costumes for Shakespeare and opera companies and the Ringling Brothers Circus!  Attaching coral bush branches, feathers. artificial birds and more to an old hat I had lying around, she is already crafting a stunning piece of headgear just for me!

The other one is sales and PR powerhouse Gary Cummings. He was so taken with the band, that he wants to manage us… `(I make this "announcement" on the 45th anniversary of the Beatles signing with Allen Klein.) Not our last show, but a new beginning…

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