Last Hurrah

Here I go again... Over the next weeks, I plan to write something about each of the songs on our upcoming album... Starting with the one that I've been considering for the title song...  "Last Hurrah" was co-written aproximately 17 years ago with Stephen Bilenky- at a time when I thought our "family band" really was going to be my last hurrah. Our band was called Bilenky Cycle Works after Steve's business of the same name The fact that our practice space was right there in his North 2nd Street bicycle famebuilding shop and that the band members all worked there (in its first incarnation, anyway) made the name seem especially appropriate. Plus, we had all this ready-made promo material!  "Last Hurrah"  was written the way a lot of my co-writes come about: Guitarist comes up with a chord progression and we record it in rehearsal, I listen to it over an over until the words start to reveal themselves.  I structure it- Which parts are the verse, chorus, bridge, how many times for each part... and then I sing to it- creating the melody as I go along-. There's a demo version of "Last Hurrah" that I've utilized in teaching the song to successive bandmates. With each line-up the song has changed to reflect the the style and sensibilities of new players, while still remaining recognizable.  The depressing/triumphant  lyrics consist of a sort of litany of metaphors relating to the concept of the swan song.  A theme that I find myself returning to again and again.


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