Claudine , One & Two

Now, "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy" (Lloyd Price) doesn't count, and anyway, that's been done... So, Claudine, because I couldn't come up with anything good that rhymes with "Claudia". Claudine 1 & 2 because I couldn't work the story out  in only one song... As a matter of fact , I was just getting started! I've always written lyrics about people and managed to find rhymes for their names- It's a fun challenge.  I hear it said  that songs should be "universal" and that writers shouldn't use specific names, places, dates, etc.,  But rules are made to be broken, and that rule has been broken by the best of 'em many times over from A-Z! After the fact, I did start to second-guess that maybe I shouldn't have used the name as the rhyming hook, and immediately a bunch of famous songs came to mind that have  names in them that aren't rhymed with anything... but... then I started to think of ones that do "Michelle, ma belle. these are words that go together well..", (Beatles) "If you knew, Peggy Sue, then you'd know why I feel blue..." (Buddy Holly) "You're still my favorite girlfriend, Alice Long. And I don't forget about you when you're gone..." (Boyce & Hart)... Can you add to this list?

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