Blog vs Diary

I started keeping a diary when I was in 5th grade. Back then, it was a little brown leatherette book with  "My Diary" in gold-colored writing embossed on the cover. It even had a lock and a tiny key. By the time I was in 10th grade, I'd "graduated" to using what I thought were the more grown-up and serious-looking marble notebooks as a diary... excuse me... journal! But the function was the same-  a very private place to record secret thoughts that no one besides me would ever, ever see... I wrote at least a page- faithfully- every night before going to bed- sometimes falling asleep on the book- (but dammit, I had to complete that page!) I did that until I was 25 and then... and then... journal entries (now in decorative hard-bound books I'd find in discount and dollar stores) became more and more infrequent. Fast forward to the present. Blog is the new diary- with a major difference- it's public! How does someone who was such a dedicated diarist adjust to sharing with the world? She jumps in.

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