9th Street

This song is even older than "Last Hurrah". At least its initial composition.  Back then it was called "The South 9th Street Waltz",  in the 60's/70's tradition of  song titles that mean something to the writer, but don't appear anywhere in the song lyrics.

The song's "birth year" is 1978. Somewhere in the dusty archives of the Library of Congress is a 1979 copyright registered to co-writers  Janet Bressler and Frank Levine. The version on the upcoming album is "only" the 5th reworking of this same song! It now boasts an additional part- a new chorus (or bridge- you tell me!) with chord sequence created by Bill Barone.  It's gone through many titles throughout its permutations.  For simplicity's sake or because it's no longer a straightforward waltz number, it'll be called Ninth Street here.

I've noticed that the song's namesake address has undergone changes over the years. Upgrades and renovations to the building's exterior. There's an iron gate blocking access to the alley. Second and third floor balconies obstruct  the trajectory that a set of keys would take when  dropped from a fourth floor attic window.

The rent back then was $175. I just checked Craigslist and found a listing at the exact address. It's not the same apartment; that would be too much of a coincidence.  The one in the ad is a studio. The rent is $880. Without going on a rant about economic disparity, I'll just say that the pay for bands playing original music has not risen accordingly.


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